About Us


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GAMBICA is the Trade Association for Instrumentation, Control, Automation and Laboratory Technology in the UK.

The Association's primary objectives are to further the successful development of the industry and to promote the competitiveness and profitability of member companies.

The scope of the Association covers four sectors of industry:

Within these industry sectors, specific product or technical issues are addressed through Association Groups. Issues of significance across broader sectors of the Association are addressed through activities open to all member companies.

GAMBICA Member Benefits.




Regular briefings and updates on relevant industry issues, future opportunities and topical news

Influencing Government policy and lobbying on behalf of our sector, directly and as part of collaborative groups

Creating networks of members, associations, organisations, government, media, academia and other related stakeholders

Market data and trend reporting, economic forecasts and opinion surveys to help plan strategies and budgets

Developing technical standards that affect product compliance and acceptance worldwide

Development of International business through exhibitions, trade missions and promotional initiatives

Tracking and advising on the impact of changes in standards and regulation to stay infomed

Shaping opinion through press campaigns, conferences, exhibitions, online and social media

Member events, seminars, consultations and training sessions across sectors and industries

Access to GAMBICA Business Support Helpline and Technical Consulting service

Promoting the benefits and breaking down barriers to adoption of technology in our customer sectors

Excellent meeting facilities and hot desking in London for members to use

GAMBICA operates with a Management Board which comprises of the President, Vice Presidents and Treasurer; elected representatives from the principal sectors of the industry and up to four co-opted members.

Follow the link below to download the GAMBICA Memorandum of Association,