How to save money on your monthly repayments with the RLS

25 May 2022, Microsoft TEAMS

We would like to invite you to a webchat which will look at the benefits of reviewing CBILS loans. Many companies took advantage of the government backed CBILS loan scheme however we are aware that subsequently a large number of companies reviewed their loans and have taken out replacement loans under the Recovery Loan Scheme

Swoop's Senior Funding Manager will be our guest and he will talk about the benefits of a free review. The governments scheme closes on the 31st of June so if you would like to see if the following these are the main reasons that companies have changed scheme

• The RLS scheme has longer repayment terms, which means lower monthly costs.

• If you are now in a stronger financial position than when you first took out your CBILS loan there is every chance that you could be able to get a better rate.

• There are lenders who have an interest only option (for 6 or 12 months) which could give you more time to recover by reducing your monthly costs.


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