Interviewing skills training half day course

12 October 2021, WEBINAR

Shared cost training from GAMBICA to help you avoid costly mistakes when appointing new staff.

The next of the shared cost training available from GAMBICA will be in interview and assessment skills.

To support our members in ensuring that they hire the right people with the right capabilities for their organisation, this interview skills training will focus on a behavioural/competency-based methodology.

It will be delivered by Target Leadership Consulting who recently provided a webinar for GAMBICA members on identifying and developing high potential staff.

Research on successful interviews show that the most effective way of interviewing is to use a formal, structured methodology and this training will enhance the ability of hiring managers to better select employees using a consistent process. This will help to improve the quality of new hires and reduce the risk of mis-hiring.

This half-day interview skills training workshop will be an open, participative and highly interactive. It will cover:

• Competency Research & Interpretation

• Typical challenges/practices/mistakes/biases

• Behavioural interview methodology overview

• Preparation: defining target profiles, focusing on critical competencies

• Interviewing practice

• Probing process

• Candidate Evaluation: reviewing findings and making decisions

Whether you are an experienced interviewer looking to sharpen your interviewing skills, or you have had limited exposure to managing recruitment and selection processes, this workshop will suit you.

The content and delivery will be adapted to suit the needs of participants and where needed, we can offer follow up support.

Target's MD, Paul Surridge, has extensive experience in both Executive Search and Leadership Consulting, and offers a unique learning experience from the perspective of an interview practitioner and an expert in developing capability in others.

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