GAMBICA has negotiated at 25% discount for members from technology tax experts, MMP a consultancy specialising in IP, Patent and R and D tax credits planning.

Since the Government introduced technology tax incentives for UK businesses in 2000, the tax reliefs programme has expanded, changing and grown in generosity. The incentives are there to encourage innovation, yet they can often be challenging to research, compile and apply for. The MMP team includes tax experts, scientists and engineers from a wide variety of backgrounds and extensive relevant experience. They take an active role in Government tax incentive consultations, committees and working groups and so can pass on new legislation and policy changes to clients straight away – and explain exactly how they’ll affect your business.

MMP offers a complete range of technology tax incentive services:

  • Patent Box
  • R&D Tax Relief/Credit R&D Expenditure Credits
  • R&D Capital Allowances Video Games Tax Relief
  • Animation Tax Relief
  • IP planning and strategy for Tax Reliefs

MMP work with clients to remove any difficulties in compiling a claim, add value wherever possible, and project manage the whole claims process and offer advice tailored to your company’s individual circumstances. Using a knowledgeable consulting team with a thorough understanding of technical terms and technology, legislation and HMRC manuals and guidelines takes pressure off your internal resources, while ensuring a robust and accurate claim is submitted.

For smaller companies, robust and accurate claims provide the financial security for investment and growth. For larger firms, reliefs can mean justifying the development of new technologies to improve future business opportunities.

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David Marshall is an experienced business professional, having held C- suite and board-level positions in many different entities and sectors. For the last 19 years he has worked in the Intellectual Property Government incentives field, having skills in both technology and the Government incentive aspects of IP and Research & Development. David holds an MBA and a degree in Management from Leicester University, and a degree in Electronics from Middlesex University.ALEXIS



Alexis Marz is one of the country's most experienced R&D Tax Relief consultants having spent more than 14 years in the field and has had many hundreds of R&D claims approved. She leads a team of engineers and finance experts responsible for realising hundreds of millions of pounds in tax relief for some of the UK's largest companies.

Alexis holds a Masters of Science Degree in Engineering from École National Supérieure de Techniques Avancées (Grandes Écoles) in Paris, and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the

MARZUniversity of Michigan. She also holds an Investment Management Certificate from the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts and an MBA from London Business School.

In her earlier career, Alexis worked as an engineer for General Electric in the United States and prior to that was a researcher in a biotechnology start-up in Cambridge, Massachusetts and at the Kresge Hearing Research Institute at the University of Michigan Medical School.