30% Discount on R&D Tax Credit service

GAMBICA has negotiated at 30% discount for members from F. Initiatives a consultancy specialising in applying for R and D tax credits on behalf of SMEs.

If you are an SME* who is creating or improving a product, procedure, process, or equipment you could be entitled to R and D tax relief of 24.7% (figures for financial year 2018) on all relevant staffing costs, software, consumables, and on 65% of subcontracted activities (including contracts with UK universities.

This benefit can be used against your Corporation Tax liability or cash refunded by HMRC. In order to benefit from it, you have 24 months after the closing date of your financial year to submit a report which includes a technical justification of the eligible R&D projects and financial calculations.

F Initiatives are specialists in accessing R and D tax incentives for SMEs with 18 years’ experience and staff with both accounting and technical skills.

Even if you are already applying for tax relief, F. Initiatives are confident they can substantially improve your award.

They will scope your activities for eligible projects, carry out a cost analysis for each project, and then write technical and financial reports for HMRC to maximise and secure your R&D claim.

F Initiatives normally work on success fee model of 15% of the amounts obtained for you but with your GAMBICA discount, you will pay only 10% of what you save.

The average UK R&D tax credits claim value is in excess of £50k, and F. Initiatives claim a 100% success rate in helping clients to access this money.

Members can take up this discount by clicking here

*To be classed as an SME you must have fewer than 500 employees and a turnover of less than 100m Euros or a Total Balance Sheet of less than 86m Euros