GAMBICA and The New Statesman "Mapping the 4th Industrial Revolution": Call for Sponsors

17 July 2017

New Statesman & Gambica are hosting a program of activities for policy makers, business and thought leaders that aim to reframe the debate around the 4th IR. Through exclusive events and editorial features we will explore;

  • Whether too much emphasis is placed on the IT aspects of Industry 4.0 at the expense of a broader view?
  • What are the benefits of exploring the impacts on civil society and the physical systems that will underpin the 4th IR?
  • What role will automation and the skilled jobs of the future play in shrinking the productivity gap?
  • How do we plot a route to the future that benefits the economy and society as a whole?


  • Policymakers, business and thought leaders need to be educated on the scale of change at hand.
  • New evangelists need to be identified and provided with a platform to debate and widen dialogue.
  • The conversation needs to be repositioned away from its emphasis on IT to a more holistic and inclusive view.

Sponsors benefit from branding, networking and thought leadership and we are offering Gambica members an exclusive opportunity to shape and contribute this program of activities that will begin with a half day seminar in Q4 2017 and will be followed by either a special supplement or series of online features and print articles in New Statesman and in early 2018.


  • Position sponsors as expert advisors to governments and industry.
  • Raise the profile of sponsors to relevant stakeholders.
  • Create a platform from which to engage, educate and influence.