Steve Brambley to Present at IOT: Exposing the Hidden Factory

15 August 2018

Steve Brambley will be a Guest Speaker for IoT: Exposing the Hidden Factory Thursday, 13th September 2018 at AMRC Factory 2050.

Held at the Advanced Manufacturing Centre, Factory 2050 building in Sheffield, the event, hosted by InVMA  is specifically put together to provide an opportunity for Operations Directors and Manufacturing Professionals to explore how new technologies are enabling companies to drive innovative improvements in their organisations and capture the savings.

We will be joined by a collection of PTC and InVMA customers who will share their experiences of IoT implementation in their factories and in his session Steve Brambley will discuss the barriers to IoT uptake by end users . You will also have a unique opportunity to go on a tour of the Factory 2050 and see some of the technology that can be deployed there.

You can find the details and the agenda here.

This event is also a great chance to network and interact with colleagues in manufacturing industry and your presence will add an immense value to the whole event.

Please, register here.

We look forward to seeing you at the event.