15th HVM and 4th New Materials and Graphene Conference Expo

02–03, November 2017

GAMBICA is pleased to support the HVM Conference Expo 2017 on 2/3 November 2017 where Chief Executive, Dr Graeme Philp, will chair the afternoon session of the 2nd day

The 15th anniversary of the HVM Conference and the 4th New Materials and Graphene Business Conference will take place in Cambridge on 2/3 November 2017.

There is an executive briefing day running, on Day 1, 2nd November all day before drinks reception and dinner. Hotel, dinner and conference venues are walking distance apart in the centre of Cambridge. During Day 2 for the HVM Business Conference, there are 8 exciting industry sectors covered in two parallel streams in the same purpose-built conference centre building. These are: (1) aerospace & defence, space; (2) automotive; (3) electronics & displays; (4) sensors & devices; (5) energy (6) energy storage & heat transfer; (7) printing & packaging; (8) healthcare & biomedical. We cover HVM and new materials including graphene in each of these 8 sessions, along with talks on investment/markets and on innovation/strategy. We cover many aspects of productivity gains, industry40, 4IR, factory of the future technology and processes. There is also a prior event dinner networking at King’s College, Cambridge on evening of 2 November 2017

For more details, please visit http://www.cir-strategy.com/events/