University Engagement

GAMBICA’s University Engagement Sector is home to any UK University or Further Education establishment whose education or research activities are relevant to GAMBICA’s industry and associate members. This group aims to support greater collaboration and engagement with our industrial members focusing on key areas such as teaching, curriculum, placements and careers, research, and policy.

Activities are led by GAMBICA’s University and Industrial Collaboration Council (GUIC), made up of academic and industrial leaders within our membership. 

Benefits of academic membership and joining the GUIC:

  • Direct insight into the challenges that industry is facing 
  • Great source of guest lectures
  • Placement opportunities for undergraduates
  • Projects for postgraduate students
  • Industry members supporting academic outreach activities
  • Collaboration on workshops and recruitment events

If you would like further information about academic membership, please fill out this form or contact [email protected] or [email protected]