Gambica History

GAMBICA was formed in 1981, by merging the interests of three associations, SIMA, BIMCAM and CAMA, and then in 2001 integrating the BLWA.

The history of these associations goes back even further, in some cases to the early 1900's


1915 - BLWA (British Laboratory Ware Association) is formed

1916 - BOIMA (British Optical Instrument Manufacturers' Association) is established

1944 - BIMCAM (British Industrial Measuring & Control Apparatus Manufacturers) is established

1953 - SIMA (Scientific Instrument Manufacturers' Association) is formed from BOIMA

1972 - CAMA (Control and Automation Manufacturers' Association) is established

1981 - GAMBICA is formed by merging BIMCAM, SIMA & CAMA

2001 - BLWA merged with GAMBICA


What does GAMBICA stand for?

When GAMBICA was first formed in 1981, the abbreviation stood for the Group of Associations of Manufacturers of British Instrumentation, Control and Automation. However when the BLWA was integrated in 2001, the abbreviation stopped being used and now GAMBICA is simply used as the name of the association.