Process Instrumentation & Control

The Process Instrumentation & Control (PIC) sector represents companies that manufacture or supply instrumentation and/or control to the process and energy supply industries. The focus is on areas of instrumentation, analytics and control technology.

Within the PIC sector GAMBICA offers its members an arena for the exchange of sector-specific opinions and experiences e.g. Industry 4.0, future skill shortages, standards and legislation, environmental issues as well as resource efficiency. Activities within the sector are steered by senior leadership figures from the Process Instrumentation & Control industry in the UK via the Process Instrumentation & Control Council (PICC). This group is also the primary influence inputting into GAMBICA's unique PIC sector statistics collection, MACIES Measurement and Control Information Exchange System. Through this, participants obtain a clear and detailed picture of the current state of the market and on future potential and market development.

In product-related technical working groups, technological trends and their impact on the respective product range are discussed. In addition to this, the PIC sector supports the competitiveness of its members through observation and persuasion of proposed legislation of UK, European and international standardisation activities.

For specific tasks, working groups such as the Flammable Atmospheres Group (FLAG) and Process Measurement, Control & Systems Group (PMCSG) are set up where product-specific technology issues are discussed and international standardisation and regulatory activities monitored.