Flammable Atmosphere’s Group (FLAG)

GAMBICA’s Flammable Atmosphere’s Group (FLAG) is comprised contacts with an interest in technical and compliance matters relating specifically to products for use in flammable atmospheres. This includes the discussion of, and involvement in, standardisation activities (national, European and international), relevant directives (ATEX) and certification/certification body activities (including national safeguarding committees).

Interest group crossover exists from Environmental Regulatory Group (ERG) and Process Measurement, Control & Systems Group (PMCSG).

Typical job roles of FLAG members include: Technical Director, Design Engineer, Quality Manager, Product Manager, Approvals Engineer, Certification Engineer, Technical Support Specialist

The group meets 2 times per year, usually around April and November. Members who sit on standards committees or certification body safeguarding committees are expected to supply reports (written or in person) on the activities of those committees. All members are encouraged to actively engage and share issues with potential business impact.