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What our members say...

Rauf Ensari, Fluke UK Channel Sales Director, said: “GAMBICA’s economic forecast report helps us read the market conditions and prioritise our business focus going forward.  Thanks to the GAMBICA team for always putting together a great agenda for the webinar and sharing lots of useful information.”

Sarah Marsh-Collings, from IS-Instruments, said “Thank you so much for such an info packed webinar, it was a very good presentation and I loved the insights into different cultures.”

Pamela Simpson, Head of Business Operations at Markes International, said: “Excellent job Steve and the team for your work securing the indefinite extension of the CE Mark. Once again, a real-life example of how important it is to have a high-quality trade association working on our behalf behind the scenes.”

Avril House, Distribution Manager at Ellutia, said this about our webinars: “I extend gratitude to you and all the individuals who shared their expertise on the day. The presentations were not only enlightening but also provided valuable insights. Additionally, engaging with the concerns and questions raised by the participants added another layer of depth to the discussions.”