Technical & Compliance

Technical and Standards Support

Legislation and standards are of enormous importance to those responsible for product compliance and keeping on top of it all is a major task, especially now that we have to be aware of UK, European and Worldwide changes and developments.

GAMBICA’s technical director, Andy Evans provides regular updates on key regulations including:

  • The Low Voltage Directive
  • The Radio Equipment Directive
  • The EMC Directive and
  • The Machinery Directive

As a GAMBICA member you also have access to an Environmental Regulations Group, to Standards updates, European insights, and to help with your technical questions.


Environmental Regulations Group

Environmental regulations have possibly the biggest impact of all regulations on UK companies, products and markets. With the EU’s roadmap to move from a linear economy to a circular one and the UK’s ambition to set an example, the scale of environmental regulations will only increase.

GAMBICA’s Environmental Regulation Group (ERG) offers a wealth of insights into existing regulations including including WEEE, RoHS, EuP, REACH including the ECHA SCIP database.

The group organises regular presentations to members about upcoming issues and is the forum where the implications of regulations for members is discussed.  Attending these meetings not only gives you a thorough grounding on the upcoming regulation but highlights any impacts which may not be immediately obvious.

The group consists of peer companies across all GAMBICA sectors and most importantly it is where a consensus can be achieved on interpretation of regulations, so an industry position can be achieved and discussed with government officials.

To view the activities of the Environment Regulatory Group, please click here.

To review the subjects covered in ERG meetings, please see our Business Impacts Reports here.


Standards; UK, European and Worldwide

If you need to influence the standards for your products, GAMBICA can nominate you to the relevant British Standards Institute Committee. It is then possible that the National Committee can nominate you to represent national views on European or International Working Groups.

GAMBICA members play a key role in the preparation of national, European & international standards which affect product acceptance in world markets. This keeps member companies up-to-date with technical & standards issues and by participating in GAMBICA’s interest groups you can help to formulate the GAMBICA position on subjects which matter to your company.

GAMBICA has over 60 member companies representing the Association on around 120 BSI committees.

BSI is the UK's National Standards Body (NSB) and represents UK economic and social interests across all of the European and International standards organisations i.e. CEN, CENELEC, ISO and IEC. GAMBICA also has large numbers of representatives on these committees. To view the current list please click here.

GAMBICA’s nominated representatives on these committees report back to the GAMBICA interest group on any issues that may arise regarding standards that affect the group or sector. Views/comments are sought from the group's members and are collated and reported back to the relevant BSI committee.

Please click on the following items for:

If you have any further queries regarding BSI committees and or how to represent GAMBICA on these committees please contact Andy Evans on 020 7642 8083 or email [email protected] 

We provide regular written updates for members, not only on matters pertinent to technical, compliance and standards professionals, but also on the impact of changes related to Brexit and Coronavirus for our businesses.

To see recent updates on laboratory and test and measurement standards please see the monthly standards bulletins here.

To see standards pertinent to your automation or process engineering, please click on your sector on the My GAMBICA page.

To view GAMBICA’s other technical publications please click here (please note, technical publications are available only to GAMBICA members. 


Technical questions answered

GAMBICA’s technical director, Andy Evans, is available to members to provide updates, and to answer your questions.

The complexity of compliance arrangements can make it difficult for companies to keep completely abreast of all aspects which may be pertinent to them in every territory, to see how all the pieces fit together and which take precedence. This is where Andy’s help can be of real value. Our regular updates will provide a firm foundation on the changes you need to act on, and Andy can provide answers to particular questions, (or where firm answers are not available, an industry consensus on how to move forward).


Access to European insights

GAMBICA is also a member of a European trade association for engineering trade associations called Orgalim. The European Commission regularly consults with Orgalim for the industry view on legislative proposals. Via Orgalim, GAMBICA members can influence European legislation. Also, by actively contributing to IEC Working Groups, we can influence the current state of the art for safety and other essential requirements in the interests of our members.

CAPIEL is the European coordinating committee of manufacturers of electrical switchgear and controlgear. They have released position papers on the scope of RoHS to Ecodesign requirements for electric motors.

You can access useful documents by clicking here including:

  • Orgalim technical publications for free download
  • ERG meeting papers 
  • GAMBICA technical publications 
  • CAPIEL publications