MACIES Market Intelligence

GAMBICA’s Measurement and Control Information Exchange System (MACIES) is a well-established market data collection for automation and instrumentation vendors selling into process industries.

MACIES is centred around an annual meeting where industry experts gather to discuss the aggregated data under strict competition law. The expertise in the room allows accurate estimates to be placed on the overall market for individual product categories. The MACIES meeting also incorporates a third party high-level economic update and forecast giving the state of the UK and global economy with a focus on areas of specific interest to MACIES contributors.

By operating under strict rules and competition law MACIES has cemented itself as a trustworthy and accurate market data collection over its 25-year history with an average participation of 20 companies representing over 70% of the total instrumentation sales from the UK.

The bulk of the MACIES report is formed of individual category pages in the below format. These pages are produced for every category which is valid for that year.

Please see the definitions and rules links to the right for more details on the MACIES data collection.