Excellence Awards 2018

24 May 2018


The Electrical Review Excellence Awards celebrate outstanding achievements within electrical projects over the past year. We are excited to learn about the project you are about to enter!

To enter a project, you can be the project owner, a contractor, sub-contractor or vendor directly involved in the project.

  • Entry deadline is end of business 23 February 2018
  • Shortlist will be announced in w/c 25 March 2018
  • Winners will be announced at the Awards evening on 24 May 2018 at The Dorchester, London

You can also complete this form online – CLICK HERE

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2018 Electrical Review Award for Excellence in...

  • POWER – Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
  • POWER – Transformers
  • POWER – Switchgear & Sub stations
  • DATA CENTRE DESIGN & BUILD – Panel building & Enclosures
  • DATA CENTRE DESIGN & BUILD – Climate Control
  • DATA CENTRE DESIGN & BUILD – UPS / Standby Power
  • LIGHTING – Emergency Lighting
  • LIGHTING – Smart

Please note that all winning entries will also be considered for our 2018 Project of the Year Award presented by Riello UPS, to be announced during the Awards evening.

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    E.g. Hospital Building A, Manufacturing Plant B, Power Station C etc.





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    E.g. Cabling Installation, UPS etc.





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Here we ask you to describe the project details specifically relevant to the Award.

E.g. if you are submitting a Cabling Installation at a Manufacturing Plant for the Cable Management Award, focus only on the details relevant to Cabling.

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There is no word count limit, so you are free to include any relevant information. However, please keep the information clear and concise. The Judges may not like entries with just a few bullet points, nor are they likely to be impressed with long, unfocused copy!

  1. * Please outline your brief and key objectives.





  1. * Please outline the process you followed to deliver these objectives.
    Tell us about your plan to ensure the objectives were met and/or exceeded, and how you worked through the key steps to completion.





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This is your chance to describe your successes, achievements and any challenges you overcame in the process of delivering the project, or other reasons why you believe this project should be rewarded by the Judges.





  1. * Please describe any specific technical solutions you have implemented that made a positive difference to the project.


This can include hardware or software, off-the-shelf or custom made for the project.






  1. If you worked with other organisations, suppliers or 3rd parties who were instrumental in the success of this project, please name them below and describe your collaboration, highlighting any examples of excellence.





  1. If you have any testimonials or further additional information to support your case to win this Award, please add it below.





  1. Additional materials supporting your Award entry, such as images and documents.


Pease email these to marcinp@sjpbusinessmedia.com together with the completed Entry Form.


Please make sure you clearly name / label the files. We recommend converting text documents (Word, Pages etc.) to PDF first to avoid formatting issues.