July Issue L@B-BRIEF

30 July 2019

Hello again,

Now that things are becoming a bit quieter over the summer you might be able to make time to consider where your company needs to go and how that affects you as an individual. In this issue I’ve included the first details about the January Lab Suppliers’ Conference which has been packed with information to inspire you when planning for your business. The event has been designed to allow the industry’s leaders who habitually attend, to bring along one or two people they have identified as future leaders of their companies at very reduced fees.

We also have a report on June’s Trade Misson to Spain and Portugal which was not only hugely enjoyable, it looks set to produce some very significant sales for participants - and not only in Iberia.

Many thanks to all those who filled in the survey I sent out last month. I’ve put a piece on the results in the newsletter but the highlight is that quite a few of you aren’t aware of all the free stuff you can get from GAMBICA – so don’t miss out –  Members click on the link to the right hand side of this page!

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