June Issue of L@B-BRIEF

28 June 2019

Hello again, 

Manufacturing has certainly been the focus of attention lately with the Government finally waking up to its importance to the balance of payments and public morale. Santander ran a manufacturing day which featured Dr Hamid Mugal explaining how to get moving on productivity and UK Export Finance ran a centenary event featuring not just bankers, but real exporters including some SMEs. This month also saw the first meeting of the After-Sales Group, kindly hosted by Camlab at their headquarters in Cambridge which generated lots of discussion about how to optimise the value that after-sales teams can bring to lab firms. 

At the end of this month I will be sending you a survey asking for your thoughts on the various GAMBICA services. It should only take about five minutes to complete so I do hope you can squeeze it into your week. It is the start of a journey to improve our services to you.

The next export group meeting on 11thJuly will have information on Rules of Origin which might also be of interest to non-exporters.

Hope to see you there! 


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