Asserting your Lab products green credentials

28 April 2022, Webinar

As more and more buyers make sustainability their central criterion when purchasing lab equipment, lab suppliers have been struggling to find a credible way to assert the environmental credentials of their products.

My Green Lab certification has made significant strides in acceptance in laboratories over the last five years and is now pursued by 900 labs comprising over 10,000 scientists in 36 countries. It was recently recognized as a key outcome in the UN Race to Zero Campaign which has set the aspiration of having 95% of all research labs certificated to My Green Labs standards. But MGL is not just a certification system for laboratories, it is also possible to have individual products labeled under ACT.

In this session, James Connelly, CEO of My Green Lab will offer information on the trend toward sustainability in science. He will also answer your questions and explain how companies are leveraging ACT to improve their products and meet growing customer demand for sustainable products.

Please note, as the speaker will be joining us from the US, this webinar has a start time of 4pm

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