Carrying out due diligence on overseas distributors

19 November 2020, Online Webinar


How to take on new distributors and customers without increasing your company's risk profile.

With the current difficulties of overseas travel, many GAMBICA members looking to build their overseas distributors and customers are having to do so without having met them. This presents a range of additional difficulties with making sure that growing exports does not mean increasing risks. At this GAMBICA webinar, Graham Welland of Global Consultancy, GWCI will provide a thorough resume of the checks companies should be putting in place and explaining how these can be carried out efficiently and thoroughly.

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Graham Welland began his career as a scientist in the mid 1970’s working on a wide range of environmental projects in some of the largest utility companies in Europe. He worked closely with National and International Regulators developing a deep understanding of the importance of getting in at the beginning of projects to ensure a thorough understanding of the risks and mitigation required .

Poorly understood supply chains, illegal labour, failure to develop basic regulatory frameworks and the general need for businesses to understand who they are working with prompted him to launch GWCI, a risk and compliance consultancy in 2017. To date the business has provided services in over 110 countries.

“ Information is accessible at any time and from anywhere – there is no excuse not to do at least a little research”