ChemTECH World.IE 24-26 February 2021

24–26, February 2021, Virtual Event

A VIRTUAL event, based in India, which promises to be ‘the future of immersive business experience for the process industries’ consist of nine shows; Speciality Chemical World Expo, Industry Automation and Control, Engineering Procurement Construction, Refining Petro Chemicals, Water EX World Expo, Bio Pharma World Expo, Lab Analyix World Expo, Paint and Surface Coating World Expo and Pumps Valves and Fittings World Expos.

The event claims to have the participation of trade associations from ten countries and allows you to post product descriptions and videos etc. There is also a conference programme. The presentation of the event does not appear particularly sophisticated and is more of a directory listing with added facilities to meet attendees. Cost of participating is $750 plus 18% ‘IGST’. For further information email: [email protected]