GAMBICA resilience webinars: Supply Chain Pressures as a result of the war

23 May 2022, Microsoft Teams

We held our first webinar on Friday 11th March at which members were able to discuss the impacts on Trade and Exporting and were able to exchange ideas on the appropriate courses of action.

We have decided to continue this series of webinars with a follow up around Supply Chain Pressures as a result of the War.

This webinar will again be chaired by our Vice President, Ian Clarke and we will have present Michael Gasiorek, Director of the UK Trade Policy Observatory at University of Sussex also providing his input on how the sanctions can be managed.

Some questions for thought ahead of the webinar which may help decide whether you'd like to be involved in the discussion:

Are you concerned about supplying Ukraine and Russia?

What has been the impact on supply chain pricing?

What are your predictions of further impacts on the supply chain going forward?

Are you having to stockpile part finished products for lack of components?

What would you like the government to do to help?

Do you envisage problems with supplies from the EU and other third countries as a result of the invasion of Ukraine?

Do you see any knock-on effects of the conflict on other areas of supply chain issues?

If any of the above are questions you have interesting answers to, or would like to hear discussed amongst our membership then be sure to sign up to our webinar asap!