Introduction to six sigma - shared cost training course

27 March 2024, Buckinghamshire

Introduction to six sigma

This one-day course introduces delegates to six sigma in its main forms: define, measure, analyse, improve and control (DMAIC) and lean six sigma. It will enable participants to improve the quality of process outputs by removing the causes of defects and minimising variability in manufacturing and business processes.
This course is aimed at individuals who have responsibility for implementing or studying the implementation of six sigma in their organisation. It can also be successfully used to train team members who will be part of six sigma project teams but who do not require the depth of knowledge of a green belt.

By completing this course, delegates will:
1.    Understand the lean principles and techniques and their benefits in the office and service environment
2.    Identify customer value and waste
3.    Recognise the eight wastes that are specifically relevant to the office and service environment and learn how to reduce them
4.    Measure and continuously improve performance.

How much does this course cost?

This is shared cost training. Per person cost depends on the number of delegates. The minimum no is six, in which case the cost will be approx £360 per person, maximum no is usually c12 in which case the pp cost will be nearer £180. Costs will be advised before booking. You will be invoiced direct.

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