Investing in productivity

5 December 2023, TBC

The government want to encourage more UK productivity and believes that investment in digital technologies is a good idea.

Good data is now available on payback times, growth, employment benefits which could help you make decisions about which, if any, technological innovations would be helpful for your company. Alain Dilworth of Made Smarter will offer insights and data, along with information on support and funding available via Made Smarter and will also give pertinent case studies of what others have achieved.

Alain has been involved in the Made Smarter National Adoption Pilot from the start, helping with programme design and business case development. He was appointed to put together the team and manage delivery of the northwest programme that has now been rolled out across four further regions with the current programmes all being funded to 2025.

Alain graduated in electronics and spent the first five years of his career carrying out marine seismic surveys around the globe. Following this he spent c.20 years in private sector manufacturing and operational roles in large and small businesses in the defence engineering, packaging manufacture, home improvement and textiles sectors.

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