LEAN office training - shared cost training cost

11 April 2024, Newmarket

About this event?

This one-day training programme is designed for any employee responsible for delivering excellence with minimal waste in an office or service environment.

The course introduces the concept, culture and basic tools of lean and addresses the benefits and applications of practicing Lean in the workplaces.

By completing this course, delegates will:

• Understand the lean principles and techniques and their benefits in the office and service environment

• Identify customer value and waste

• Recognise the eight wastes that are specifically relevant to the office and service environment and learn how to reduce them

• Measure and continuously improve performance.

Course Overview

• Overview of lean principles - customer value and waste, as applied to the office and service environment 
• Value stream mapping – visualising and understanding processes around the delegate's role, identifying how they can be improved 
• Eight wastes – how to identify and reduce waste 
• Basic lean tools (e.g. 5S, visual management) – a toolbox of the most common tools for use in the workplace 
• Continuous improvement – what it is and how it affects the organisation. 

How much does the course cost?

This is shared cost training from GAMBICA for members only. It will be held at a member's office and the per person cost depends on the number of delegates but will not exceed £360 plus VAT per person if we are able to fill the course the costs should be around £180 plus VAT.

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