Made in China 2025

14 April 2021, WEBINAR

THE CHINA Britain Business Council and BSI Shanghai will be teaming up to present a webinar for GAMBICA members which paints a portrait of the plans China is making for developing different sectors of its economy and how the market within China is expected to change over the next few years. Useful for both importers from China, and exporters to China, this event will give insights into likely competition for UK goods within China, and also explain how Chinese manufacturers are dealing with the UKCA mark. We hope this will be of value to those expecting to continue to source goods from China as it will try to divine how the costs of compliance with the UK market requirements will be met.

To book your place click here. (Please note we have been asked to share the emails of attendees with CBBC so please let me know if you prefer that your contact details be kept confidential).