Make or buy: how to decide what's best for your business

27–20, January 2021

THIS AFTERNOON conference will equip you to decide whether it is better for you to purchase or manufacture key components in-house with take-away models and real case studies.

Supply chain issues highlighted by COVID-19 have prompted companies to examine the options for reshoring component manufacture but decisions can't be governed solely by supply risk: quality and cost are key.

Among the expert and compelling speakers will be Andrew Gill of the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Manufacturing. Andrew has been researching the benefits and risks of re-shoring and has developed a model to help you make the right decisions to protect your supply chains, manage your pricing and optimise the use of your facilities.

Presenting a real-life case study on re-shoring will be Gareth Jones and Huw Mills of Nidec, who have more than doubled the output of their UK plant by bringing production of high volume, low value components from overseas plants to the UK. They will explain how they ensured they could meet their essential quality and price standards and how the change has benefitted their business in unexpected ways. Time will be given for discussion and questions.

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