06–09, February 2017, DUBAI

Due to it’s extremely rapid expansion as a distinct sector within Arab Health, 2017 will see MEDLAB as a stand alone event, taking place one week after Arab Health. The organisers anticipate that the show will attract 700+ exhibitors and some 35,000 visitors. Full information on the exhibition is available on the website The event will occupy six Zaabeel Halls and GAMBICA are holding an excellent location adjacent to the main passway between the conference area and the delegate’s lunch area. To
reserve your stand please complete and return the application form, together with your deposit by not later than 1 August 2016.


  • An excellent group location in Hall 3.
  • ‘Walk on, One stop Service’ - fully built shell scheme stand to a high specification - includes carpet, fascia, spotlights, a generous furniture package including a table and 2 chairs, power outlet & daily stand cleaning (display cabinets/glass showcases etc can be ordered as optional extras)
  • On site support includes ◊ information & ‘sign posting’ point from which all GAMBICA group members are promoted ◊ communication facilities ◊ meeting facilities ◊ hot/cold refreshments
  • A Guide to the British Companies at MEDLAB is produced and circulated to British embassies and posts as well as distributed from the information stand.
  • In addition to the overall administration of the group, the grant claim process and the above on-site facilities, GAMBICA provides help & advice prior to, during and after the event.


£6,255 for a 9m2 stand on this basis, other sizes pro-rata and an administration and on-site service fee of £650 (GAMBICA members), £810 (non-members). This charge is made to cover GAMBICA's administration costs for the event and on-site service costs (ie on-site GAMBICA representative, refreshments, practical assistance before the event and on-site assistance during the build-up and the show itself). If actual expenses are in excess of our estimates, a further charge will be made and will be invoiced after the event. 50% of stand costs & the full admin fee are payable immediately with the application form. An invoice will be issued on receipt. Please note that no booking will be confirmed without payment.


UKTI funding has been confirmed for MEDLAB at the rate of £2,500 per eligible company. A flow chart enabling a ‘quick’ check on eligibility is attached. A full copy of the new

UKTI Terms and Conditions can be obtained from Kirsty Roberts, and is available on our website (

The total number of grant ‘lives’ is 12 per company (counted from 1 April 2009) of which at least 6 of these must be taken in the 20 emerging and high growth markets.

Matched funding arrangements have been waived for the grants although eligible costs at least equal to the amount of grant will still be required.

UKTI no longer strictly apply that part of the SME definition which requires a TAP applicant to be no more than 25% owned by a non-SME. (This is intended to apply to autonomous businesses and they reserve the right to decline an application from, for example, a business unit of a large company).

The grant level for MEDLAB will be £2,500.

MEDLAB 2017 Application Form