Protein Degradation Europe

21–23, September 2021, VIRTUAL

Protein Degradation Europe | 21-23 September 2021 |Virtual

THE PROTEIN degradation field has expanded beyond just PROTACs; with developments in rational molecular glue design and the emergence of TAC variants, including abTACs and oligoTACs, this conference will consider how proximity-based drugs can be used for therapeutic benefit using cellular activity beyond the ubiquitin-proteosome. It purports to be a high end science led conference and delegate passes cost a minimum of £1,000. They claim to be able to put you in front of lead scientists from big pharma or the heads of research and development from the biotech industry. It may be possible to arrange discounts for GAMBICA members either as exibitors or as delegates so if this is of interest, please let me know, [email protected]. For information on the event email [email protected]