Servitisation - what is it and how can it help you improve your profits

27 May 2022, Webinar

If your company focuses on selling equipment with maintenance as an add-on, this webinar will offer you potentially more profitable options.

The next after sales group meeting will feature a presentation by Dr Victoria Martinez a specialist in business model innovation and strategic value creation at the Institute for Manufacturing at Cambridge University.

Veronica will be explaining what servitisation is, and she will outline the various models currently in use and how they have worked out for a number of different companies. She will be focusing on how to make money by diversifying without killing your existing service model.

Many companies, says Veronica, have traditionally sold machines and a little bit of maintenance and their maintenance offering has often been limited by the risks they are willing to take with adopting new models. Victoria will be ready to help you explore the options available to you and what cushions might be available.

Dr. Veronica Martinez (FHEA) is an Assistant Professor in the Cambridge Service Alliance at University of Cambridge. She is a Director of Studies of Sidney Sussex College. Her research expertise focuses on the fields of the Digital Platforms, Business Model Innovation, Strategic Value Creation and Performance and their applications to Manufacturing and Services. Her current projects include the effect of Blockchain and Digital Twins in services and operations. She works with close collaboration with IBM, BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce among others. Veronica has led and participated in large European and UK research projects in Products and Services.

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