The product innovation journey – minimising the risks of taking a great leap forward

4 July 2022, WEBINAR

A how-to webinar on developing new products which meet customer needs and secure real market growth will be provided for GAMBICA’s Business Growth Community by Cormac O’Prey of Kestrel Consulting. Cormac has many years’ experience in engineering product design and now works mainly with the medical technology industry on developing innovative products in that highly regulated field.

Cormac will cover:

• How to generate ideas for product innovation;

• How to validate your ideas and produce and test initial designs; and

• How to move from design to production using an agile, flexible product development strategy.

He will also talk about how short, sharp product re-design initiatives can help to combat supply chain issues and what risk assessments you should be doing now so that early action is targeted where it is most needed.

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