WEBINAR: The 61010 suite of standards

28 February 2024, WEBINAR

The 61010 suite of standards cover safety aspects of products in the process instrumentation, test & measurement, industrial automation and laboratory technology sectors and are viewed as a key enabler of sales in those areas.

In this webinar, Jonathan Hamilton, who has spent over 15+ years working with in the engineering sector on the IEC 61010 standards for safety compliance, will provide insights on:

  • The current development state of IEC 61010
  • What to look out for in the next release of IEC 61010 and how it is likely to affect your company - questions welcome
  • Critical timing of release of 61010 parts and when they will become mandatory
  • What's coming further down the road from IEC 61010 and how to best prepare your company for it
  • How to make the most from upcoming 61010 changes and boost your profits as a result.

This webinar is aimed primarily at managers, engineers and product development teams however, anyone who works at a company which uses IEC 61010 is likely to benefit.

Jonathan has worked with several of the biggest names in the test & measurement industry, and has been a member of the IEC and BSI committees which develop 61010 since 2006. During this time, Jonathan wrote the international standard IEC 61010-034 from scratch and participated at senior level on the ACOS (Advisory Committee on Standards) for three years. Jonathan is currently open for ad-hoc consulting, offering support to companies in need of insight to 61010.

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