What you need to know about the plastics tax

10 August 2021, WEBINAR

£200 per tonne is the rate of tax you will pay on plastic packaging which is not at least 30% recycled

About this event

In this webinar, Louisa Goodfellow, policy advisor at Ecosurety will explain what we currently know about this tax which will come into effect on 1 April 2022.

Much remains unclear about the detail of how the tax will work. The Government has undertaken to give more complete guidance before the tax comes into effect, but has not said how long before.

Some information is already available however, including the exemptions and the broad rules about how the tax will work and who will be liable.

Louisa will give a short overview of what we know now, and will provide some advice on how to prepare if you feel you may be caught by the new regulations.

Ecosurety is a sister organisation to our own B2B Compliance and is the leading producer responsibility compliance scheme for packaging, WEEE and batteries making an impact on UK recycling.

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