British Science Week 2024

10 Mar 2024

GAMBICA is celebrating British Science Week by sharing lots of updates about our STEM promotional plans.

GAMBICA is now recognised as a STEM Ambassador Scheme partner within the STEM Learning platform. As participants in the scheme, we have the opportunity to enhance the visibility of our members' contributions to STEM initiatives. This will also pave the way for increased collaborative opportunities throughout our member community.

We encourage all STEM Ambassadors to update their profiles by following the two simple steps below:

1.           Use your account information to sign in to

2.           Go to Profile > Skills and qualifications > Schemes Participation > “Gambica Association Ltd”

STEM Learning is also offering quick introductory sessions throughout the year to help organisations and individuals increase their involvement in STEM. Volunteer information sessions, aimed at individuals, offer information about how you can join a community of volunteers who are helping young people explore the exciting world of STEM. Organisation information sessions offer insights into how companies can build a team of volunteers that engage young people interested in STEM at events and online forums.

Tom Taylor, Hardware Engineer at Megger Instruments and member of the GAMBICA Young Council, is currently a STEM Ambassador. He said: “I became an Ambassador because I wanted to share my passion for electronics in creative and engaging ways - hopefully to inspire engineers of the future.

“It’s great demonstrating how STEM subjects are applied to solve some of the most challenging real-world problems.

“I find volunteering for STEM activities really rewarding and inspiring, this opportunity continues to be a very important part of my career journey.”

For more information about becoming a STEM Ambassador, click here.