Calling ambitious, engineering professionals to the IEC Young Professionals Programme

06 Feb 2019

At GAMBICA we are looking for our members to nominate young (age 35 and under) and ambitious engineers to participate in the IEC Young Professionals Programme to help cultivate a positive environment for early-career professionals in international standardization.

The deadline for applications is 31 May 2019.

IEC Young Professionals Programme

Every year BSI and its partners offer young engineers the chance to take part in the IEC Young Professionals Programme, all-expenses paid.

The Programme brings together the world's upcoming expert engineers, technicians and managers. And provides them with opportunities to shape the future of international standardization and conformity assessment in the field of electrotechnology.

The IEC is the world’s leading organization that prepares and publishes international standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies. 

Every year its standardization and conformity assessment work leads to a week-long meeting – the IEC General Meeting – at which stakeholders from around the world debate current issues and decide on IEC’s future direction and strategy. The IEC Young Professionals Programme takes place during this week.

The next IEC Young Professional Programme takes place in Shanghai, China in October 2019.



Who should apply?

This professional development opportunity is open to engineers aged 35 or under as of 30 June in the year of the event for which they’re applying.

We welcome applications from ambitious engineering professionals who are currently making, or wishing to make, a difference in their industry, and with an interest in the standards they encounter in their professional practice.


Why apply?

  • Represent the UK at a prestigious international event and enhance your professional reputation
  • Get your voice heard in the international arena and help shape the future of international standardization
  • Network with other upcoming expert engineers, technicians and managers
  • Help cultivate a positive environment for the involvement of early-career professionals in international standardization

Become a standards-maker with BSI

Successful applicants to the IEC Young Professionals Programme can also take advantage of further development opportunities:

  • Participate in UK standards committees
  • Attend BSI conferences and events and receive invitations to special BSI policy events
  • Take part in BSI's annual Standards Forum and Awards event
  • Contribute to BSI's education activities to raise awareness of standards to postgraduates and early-career professionals