Gambica becomes official partner of the Scientific Instrument Makers (SIM) Livery company

05 Jan 2016

When the Scientific Instrument Manufacturers Company was formed in 1956, the UK was a large manufacturer of specialist electronic and mechanical scientific instruments.  Examples ranged from microscopes to spectrum analysers and a wide variety of other laboratory test and measurement equipment.  Since its formation the industrial base has changed but the UK retains strong positions, especially in research, development and manufacturing, in fields as diverse as satellites, aerospace, medical equipment and leading edge electronics and electronic components.

SIM members today come from a wide range of industries including education, measurement and control, medical and biomedical, communication electronics and lighting components.

SIM’s aim is to promote the craft of scientific instrument making and the exchange of ideas and information by members and guests through meetings, visits, lectures and social events.

One of the primary objectives of the Company is to encourage young people to participate in the craft through grants, prizes, scholarships and apprenticeships. The Company has relationships with a number of universities as well as the armed forces, the Young Engineers program and the Arkwright Scholarship Scheme. 

Gambica aims to support the work of SIM by providing deeper links into the Instrumentation, Control and Laboratory Technology industry and by offering SIM an extension to its representation and advocacy work.  Several employees of Gambica member companies are SIM liverymen and by linking the two organisations in this more formal way it is hoped that others may be encouraged to join the livery and help in its charitable work.

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