GAMBICA recognised as STEM Ambassador Scheme

15 May 2024

GAMBICA is now recognised as a STEM Ambassador Scheme within the STEM Learning platform!

As participants in the GAMBICA Scheme, we have the opportunity to enhance the visibility of our members' contributions to STEM initiatives. Additionally, this will pave the way for increased collaborative opportunities throughout our member community.

Already a STEM Ambassador – great! Make sure you update your profile and list GAMBICA under the ‘Schemes Participation’ section. 

If you're not signed up as STEM Ambassadors, why not?

Volunteering as a STEM Ambassador is a fantastic way to spend your time. For young people, knowing that industry experts want to help them excel, springboards them into the next chapter of their lives. You do not need to have a background in education, the programme offers training and support so you can confidently deliver a range of activities.

Read more about the volunteering programme here. 

STEM Learning is also offering quick introductory sessions throughout the year to help organisations and individuals increase their involvement in STEM:

  1. Organisation Information Sessions – sessions aimed at growing STEM engagement in your organisation, including:
    1. Build your STEM Ambassador Community
    2. Engaging Volunteers via our Online Forum
    3. Introduction to Partnership Reporting
  2. Volunteer Information Sessions - these sessions are for individuals who are thinking about volunteering.