GAMBICA: Why Young People should Consider Engineering

12 Dec 2017

GAMBICA, with the support of our Process Instrumentation and Control Council, wanted to produce a short video to incentivise and demystify Engineering as a profession that young people should embark upon.

Rather than ask an established company to become involved, we decided that a better idea was to ask young people to develop something that would attract their peers.

We approached a group of students at Elstree UTC and presented them with our very rough ideas. Then, we let them explore with us key questions, for example; what is an Engineer and what do they do? What is Engineering and what does it entail? Rather than tell them, we let them find out.

A few weeks later, the students presented their ideas in a slick and professional manner, each one of the three presenters merging three areas including content, layout and graphics seamlessly into the pitch.

The work then required the production team to develop a series of questions that they could use during interviews with recently qualified engineers or those still completing courses. GAMBICA then sourced two companies who were happy to support the initiative with a filming location and suitable engineers. So, we spent two long days filming at Litre Meter in North Marston and the Atomic Energy Authority near Oxford.

The team then generated rough cuts of the interviews and taking on board our comments presented the final video to us this month.

The results are impressive and the link to the final video is below.

Please watch it, share it, let your teenagers see it and of course any feedback is welcome.

Finally, our thanks to the students and staff at Elstree University Technical College for their enthusiasm and professionalism in the way they all approached and executed the project.

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