Easing introduction of UKCA marking

20 Jun 2022

Government moves to ease the introduction of UKCA marking for industry

We are really pleased to see that the information and proposals that GAMBICA has been sharing with government have been listened to, with yesterday’s announcement on easing the introduction of UKCA marking. We have an excellent relationship with colleagues in BEIS and OPSS, which has allowed a series of consultations and meetings to share our industry view. The result is a set of measures that will help our members to introduce UKCA marking in a more measured and practical way, reducing costs and ensuring availability of products and spare parts on the GB market.

Commenting on the announcement, Steve Brambley, GAMBICA’s Chief Executive, said:

“These measures are a welcome step in the right direction to prevent further supply problems in the GB market. The ability to continue putting the UKCA mark on a label or accompanying document will give enough time to manufacturers to add the mark across their very wide portfolio of products. We are pleased to see the easing on the constraint of testing capacity and allowing essential spare parts to be made available on the market under the CE mark that they would have been manufactured with. All of these measures will help avoid the scenario where critical equipment and spares would otherwise not be available to GB customers.”