Opportunity to Sponsor the Smart Manufacturing Engineers of tomorrow

19 Jul 2018

GAMBICA Associate Member, The Univerity of Manchester is offering the oportunity to get involved in supporting their proposal for a new Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Smart Manufacturing with Industry 4.0 Compliance.

There is a lot of discussion around Industry 4.0 and in particular the skills gaps in the UK which desperately need to be filled to help the next generation of engineers and manufacturing leaders understand and fully embrace the benefits possible through adoption of new technologies, this CDT is a great opportunity to get directly involved in this, which is why GAMBICA has offered their support.

There is a range of sponsorship options which range from full studentships to in-kind contributions. The full studentship option (£90,000 over 4 years) includes the recruitment of a student to work on a project specifically developed in collaboration with you, where any resulting IP belongs to your company. In-kind contribution can range from delivering/hosting lectures, hosting a training (up to 3-6 months duration) at your site as part of a PhD project (unpaid) or donation of used laboratory equipment to the CDT for the benefit of PhD students etc.

Commitment to contribute and the form the contribution will take needs to be confirmed no later than Monday 23rd July 2018. Even if you cannot give a hard commitment at this time but are interested please feel free to provide a supporting in letter noting that funding options will be assessed at a later date.

For more information please contact

Prof. Paulo Jorge da Silva Bartolo, CDT Director
[email protected]
Dr. Shaden Jaradat, Research Strategy Coordinator, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of
[email protected]