The Internet of Things Tree of Life

20 February 2015

The Internet of Things (IoT) has come to mean all things to all people. Combined with the huge amount of interest and investment into this emerging opportunity, there is a real possibility that the arising confusion will hamper adoption by the mass market. The SILC team have used their extensive Sensor Systems market and technical knowledge in an attempt to clarify the situation for individuals interested in understanding IoT, and the underpinning role of Sensor Systems.

This paper proposes a phased model of the IoT ecosystem, starting with infrastructure establishment, and culminating in exploitation through the creation of new companies and business models. It does not attempt to quantify the emerging opportunities, relying instead on the many publications dedicated to detailed market analysis. The focus is to place the opportunities in context, demonstrate the importance of sensor system technology underpinning the emerging IoT revolution, and suggests areas where the UK could establish leadership positions. Throughout the paper, examples of the likely protagonists have been used by way of illustration.