L@B-BRIEF August Issue 2020

27 August 2020


After weeks of negotiations with intransigent overseas exhibition organisers, thoughts have turned to the main UK event, Lab Innovations and our own Lab Suppliers’ Conference in January. The consensus seems to be that no exhibition in 2020 will have sufficient visitors to justify the cost of exhibiting and that going ahead with events this year would be irresponsible. Members have asked that exhibition organisers show their commitment to the industry that supports them by allowing exhibitors to cancel without penalty. 

So that, of course set me to thinking about our own event. After taking soundings from the Lab Management Committee it’s clear that some organisations will not be allowing their staff to take part in large gatherings in the first quarter of next year. Concerns about a possible second wave are also prevalent. I don’t have to make a decision this minute – so I would really value your input as to what you think we should do.

Meanwhile, as other forms of winning work become even more vital, some members have drawn my attention to clauses being routinely included in tenders from university purchasing consortia which make it comparatively difficult for SMEs to win work or which place unnecessary requirements on them. I am currently arranging a meeting of purchasing consortia members in order to put your views to them, and hopefully encourage them to change. If you have experienced clauses that have negatively affected you, please let me know so I can include them in our briefing.

With the risk of drawing unflattering comparisons with the late, great, Dame Vera Lynn, I do really hope we meet again soon!



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