[email protected] Brief - June 2022

30 June 2022

Hello again,

The UK’s slow drift away from away from the EU is picking up pace and it’s in the area of environmental regulations that the changes are beginning to be seen.

Five new substances have been added to the EU REACH list, but not the UK list and there are now 15 substances on the EU list of Substances of Very High Concern (generally carcinogen, mutagens or things which are toxic for reproduction) which are not on the UK list. The UK REACH rolling action plan states the intent to ‘compliment rather than replicate evaluation work that has been or will be performed by other regulatory regimes’ (such as via the EU REACH). While this sounds like a sensible and cost-saving approach, members will still be facing the additional costs of having to monitor and comply with two separate regimes. Compliance staff are in high demand at the moment so luckily you can reduce your workloads by using the GAMBICA environmental regulatory group to help you with alerts on changes in either jurisdiction.

If you have anything you would like raised with the group, give me a bell or rock up to their next meeting on 26 September.

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