L@B Brief - November 2023

29 November 2023

Hello again,

Last month’s meeting of the International Standards Organisation’s (ISO) committee on laboratory equipment, TC48, highlighted what has become a trend in all international standards committees, a concerted effort by China to gain the leadership of standards committees.

The business being done by TC48 included a re-structure of the committee’s working groups in three areas:

  • Non-measuring equipment made of glass, plastic and ceramics,
  • Volume measuring instruments, and
  • Laboratory furniture.

In every case the Chinese sought to provide the secretariat for the committee, and in each case, another country with more experience of running standards committees and formulating standards, was recommended to take on the role instead.

The meeting had the advantage of being chaired by Charles Pascall, a very experienced committee chair from the UK (and an ex-employee of GAMBICA member, AlphaLabs), but other areas of standards have not benefitted from a co-ordinated approach. For example, in June a proposal was made by the Chinese National Committee for a new Project Committee (PC) on Performance of cold storage equipment for medical use. All national bodies were invited to vote on the proposal and further inquiries are underway as to overlaps with existing committees.

GAMBICA is able to nominate members to participate on British Standards Committees with a view to being nominated to sit on International Standards Committees. If your business is affected by or uses international standards and you would like to ensure that your interests are adequately addressed, please put your name forward by emailing me at [email protected].

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