L@B Brief - Nov 2021

30 November 2021

SORRY TO everyone who turned up at the GAMBICA stand at Lab Innovations last month to join us for the promised drinks. My husband was taken ill and hospitalised the day before the event (fortunately he has now recovered) and I wasn’t able to be there. We will definitely do it next time! Nikesh’s report on the event is in this month’s issue and I’m keen to get Members’ feedback since I couldn’t attend myself. Please do let me know what you thought.

I did manage to get to Medica though and that was, all things considered, a resounding success. Exhibitors were happy with the quality, if not the quantity of visitors and all those at the GAMBICA pavilion did good business and found the event worthwhile. A sudden illness does bring you up short, and it was worrying indeed that we encountered an 11 hour wait at A & E. So take care of yourselves now that the winter is drawing in. Hope to see you all at one of the many events next year.

Toodle pip


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