Technical, Standards & Regulatory

GAMBICA members play a key role in the preparation of national, European & international standards which affect product acceptance in world markets. This circulation keeps member companies up-to-date with technical & standards issues and through the 'Technical Forum' in the Members Area is able to formulate the GAMBICA position.


GAMBICA's BSI Committee Representatives

GAMBICA is a member of the British Standards Institute (BSI) and we have over 60 member companies representing the Association on around 120 BSI committees.

BSI is the UK's National Standards Body (NSB) and represents UK economic and social interests across all of the European and International standards organisations i.e. CEN, CENELEC, ISO and IEC. BSI works closely with trade associations like GAMBICA as a means of representing most standards users in business such as water companies, utilities etc. This enables a wide measure of consultation and support in standards work.

GAMBICA's BSI representation relates to a particular GAMBICA group/sector and also shows the equivalent International and or European standards it mirrors.

How to get involved in shaping and influencing both existing and new standards in your industry?

Usually it is a requirement to belong to an organisation i.e. professional, commercial or trade etc. The organisation then can nominate you onto a BSI committee as a representative of that organisation.
How does GAMBICA nominate their members to BSI committees?
A member would usually join a GAMBICA Association Group (the flow diagram illustrates this process). If the group agrees, the executive responsible for the group would then normally nominate the member to a relevant BSI committee. The BSI committee nominate experts who may be a GAMBICA representative to International and or European committees to represent UK committee views or participate in Working Groups in their own capacity: as they are GAMBICA representatives they should also represent its members view.


As a nominated representative you do have the responsibility to report back to the GAMBICA Group or Group executive on any issues that may arise regarding standards or directives that affect your GAMBICA group or sector. Views/comments are sought from the group's members and are collated and reported back to the relevant BSI committee.

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If you have any further queries regarding BSI committees and or how to represent GAMBICA on these committees please contact Andy Evans on 020 7642 8083 or email