GAMBICA and BEAMA publish their General Election 2015 Manifesto

24 Feb 2015

GAMBICA and BEAMA have published a joint General Election 2015 Manifesto, which lays out a strategic plan to save 196TWh of energy by 2020; the equivalent to 22 new power stations.




Together, BEAMA and GAMBICA represent the electrotechnical industry - an industry that contributes annual revenues of £21bn to the UK economy.

Electrical products and systems, manufactured by our members, are transporting, distributing and managing electricity to and in buildings to maintain a 100% service level to homes and businesses - what our members do is essential to our economy.

This manifesto focuses on the issues that the industry, in partnership with Government, must address. It proposes policies, which will benefit the country by growing investment, creating jobs and exporting more UK products.