Jonathan Love - Process Automation Handbook

11 Nov 2016

Jonathan Love, has just published a Process Automation Handbook that converts his 30 years of academic and real world process control experience into a handbook aimed at everyone, advanced students and practising engineers, involved in application design, test and commissioning. 

It is the most complete reference book that we have seen that balances theory with real industrial applications. It covers everything from the workings of instrumentation and final control elements, through control system design & programming. It delves into the implementations of PLC and DCS systems, databases and coding standards and provides more detail in the areas of advanced process control with worked examples of the types of process problems we face everyday.

The style used in the book is easy to follow and the first paragraph of the acknowledgement will ring true with many engineers: “Throughout my career of over 30 years, I have worked with many splendid colleagues both academic and industrial, and some complete clowns”.

Published by Springer, ISBN 978-1-84628-281-2, one of the most useful handbooks available today.