EURIS Task Force website and papers now online - advisory body on UK / EU relationship

30 Aug 2017

GAMBICA is one of the founder members of the EURIS Task Force, an advisory body for the potential impacts of the changing relationship between the UK and EU for the UK Government, manufacturers and media. EURIS members are industry trade associations BEAMA, GAMBICA, EAMA, REA, CESA, FETA and TechWorks, covering some 2500 companies across electrotechncial, electronics, renewables and mechanical engineering products.

It has a focus on product manufacturers covered by the Single Market and the supporting regulations and standards. The member associations have extensive relationships with equivalent European trade bodies, and parts of the European Commission. The EURIS Taskforce produces position papers and reports relating to the Brexit process relevant to the manufacturing sector. EURIS issues a weekly economic report to its members based on a tracked set of macro market indicators ranging from international trade and the general economy through to productivity costs and price indices.

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