Process Measurement Control Systems Group (PMCSG)

Comprising of a range of management, technical and compliance contacts within membership. The PMCSG focuses on technical or compliance issues which may have an impact on business operation now or in the future. This includes the discussion of, and involvement in, standardisation activities (national, European and international) and environmental regulations (RoHS, REACH, WEEE), as well as discussion on certification of products.

The group is sent any BSI documents that are deemed of interest or have actions against them for the following BSI committees:

Committee  Name
EPL/066 Safety of measuring, control and laboratory equipment
GEL/065 Measurement and control
GEL/065/01 System considerations
GEL/065/02 Elements of systems
GEL/065/03 Industrial communications for process measurement and control, including fieldbus
GEL/210 EMC Policy committee
GEL/210/11 EMC product standards
CPI/113/01 Velocity area methods


The group meets 2 times per year, usually around April and November.

Typical job roles of PMCSG members:

  • Technical Director
  • Commercial Manager
  • Design Engineer
  • Quality Manager
  • Managing Director
  • Product Manager
  • Compliance Engineer
  • Product Specialist
  • Business Development Manager